Great Britain: Moscow was forced to deploy exhausted units in eastern Ukraine

In light of the continuing battles between Russian and Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine, Britain believed that the Russian advance had failed.

The UK Defense Ministry said in its daily military briefing that Russia needed to integrate and redeploy depleted and disparate units in unsuccessful advances in northeastern Ukraine.

Lack of Russian coordination

He also explained in a tweet on his Twitter account today Saturday that “there is still a lack of Russian tactical coordination.

And he felt that “the lack of unit-level skills and the irregularity of air support have left Russian forces unable to fully benefit from their combat buildup, despite local improvements.”

Fix things

However, he indicated that Russia is trying to correct problems that in previously they were a hindrance by geographically concentrating combat power, shortening supply lines and simplifying command and control.

British intelligence had previously confirmed that Ukrainian forces have repulsed several Russian attacks along the line of contact in Donbass (eastern Ukraine) in recent days, considering that the Russians’ drop in morale has delayed their progress.

Interestingly, Russian forces had announced, since their withdrawal from the vicinity of the capital Kiev in late March, that they would focus their operations on eastern Ukraine, initiating the second phase of their military operations, describing them as very important in order to to free Donbass (east), as you said.

Those areas to the east, in particularly the Donbass region, are important for the Russians, because their control will allow the Russians to move easily between these areas and the south, in particularly Crimea, which was annexed to Russian territory in 2014.

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