Great Britain puts in guard Putin from the invasion of Ukraine . and ensures the support of Kiev

On Friday, the British Foreign Minister affirmed his country’s support for Ukraine, calling on Russia to reduce the escalation.

Liz Truss warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that an invasion of Ukraine would cause large numbers of victims.

“We are experiencing a period of tension that we have not seen since the end of the Cold War,” he added.

These statements came as US President Joe Biden confirmed, a Khamis claimed that any entry of the Russian forces in Ukraine would be considered an “invasion”, adding that it was “absolutely clear” to its Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, according to the AFP.


He also added: “This will lead to a tough and coordinated economic response that I have been talking about in detail with our allies “.

The democratic president also stressed that “without a doubt, if Putin makes this choice, Russia will pay a heavy price”.

Relations between Russia and NATO, led by the US, have recently been strained due to its increased military presence near Russian borders under the pretext of protecting Ukraine from a “potential Russian threat”, which Moscow considers a violation of the basic document rules of relations between the two parties. And it confirms the inaccuracy of Western fears of preparing to invade Ukraine.

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