Great Britain .. Raise taxes on individuals and companies to finance health care

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the tax rate on individuals and companies, as well as shareholders, will be increased, starting April next year.

Johnson said the decision comes to support and finance Health and social assistance in the country, in particularly with the continuing impact of the Corona pandemic on the country.

Taxes will be increased by 1.25%, which will include dividends in cash to shareholders of UK public companies.

The premier, who is also under fire among his conservative majority opposed to tax increases, made it clear that this 1.25% increase to be implemented in April 2022 would also serve to finance often expensive care for adults in need of support, such as like the elderly in nursing homes. .

Johnson told MPs that after the “worst pandemic in a century, now we have to help the health system recover. “

“Funding now needs to be provided to achieve this,” he added, noting that increasing these social contributions will save £ 36 billion (€ 42 billion) over the next three years, after pumping out £ 5.4 billion. pounds in the next six months.

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