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Great Britain sends the Elizabeth ship in die Region to fight against ISIS


After a military base north of Baghdad, which also includes Americans, was bombed by “Katyusha” missiles on Monday, British media reported today, Tuesday, that London had hit the Elizabeth ship with naval ships, a submarine and 14 fighters and helicopters in die Region will send to attend in the confrontation of IS in Syria and Iraq.

It announced that eight stealth fighter planes of the British Royal Air Force and ten “F35B” planes of the US Marines will be sent from “HMS Queen Elizabeth”, die It costs £ 3 billion and in Accompaniment of flying to Asia will be six Royal Navy ships, one submarine, 14 naval helicopters and die Royal Marines, like that die “Xpress and” newspaper. star””

She also noted that the famous “Dambusters” squadron or “617” squadron was appointed to support “ISIS” operations in Iraq and aircraft in Operate Syria.

A heavy blow to ISIS

The British Ministry of Defense announced that the aircraft “F35B Lightning Fast” will join Operation “Schader” of the “Carrier Strike Group (CSG21)” in preparation for a strong strike against “ISIS”.

British Air Force Commander Marshal Sir Mike Wigston told the PA News Agency that he had “no doubt that violent extremism and die toxic ideology on which ISIS is based, still in are rooted in the region “.

He stated, “We are going to perform operations die Iraqi government support and ISIS remains in Iraq and in Fight Syria and we will die Keep fighting on them in to their sanctuary, where there is no escape, as they threaten us and our allies. “

ISIS is disappearing

He continued, “It’s something die Luftwaffe since 2014 makes it very effective, and die Royal Air Force played a major role in this success “like it.” in in 2015 and 2016. “

He continued, “For the past two years we have die Bags identified, in whom they in remote areas strongholds in dug the mountains and we helped the Iraqi government remove those bags. We have also still an important role. “

No fixed date

On die Asked if there is a deadline for the fight against ISIS, Sir Mike said: “I am very encouraged with the progress, die skills and die Iraqi Security Forces Development. Your ability die full responsibility for die Taking over the security of their sovereign country increases day by day and stronger at the end of the day. This will be the point at which die Support from allies such as the United Kingdom, United States and others is no longer necessary. “

And he added, “I don’t want to set a date for it, but I have great confidence in die Progress, die die Iraqi armed forces. “

Security alert in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi rejected Monday die Security guards, die Activate intelligence and security measures and activate preventive operations to counter the movements of “IS”, dry up its sources and destroy its incubators.

It happened during a meeting of Al-Kazemi, which was attended by leaders of the federal security services, the peshmerga and the ministers of the interior, defense and finance. The meeting discussed ways to improve security and stability in the country in the face of events die Iraq was in witnessed the past few hours.

The meeting also discussed possibilities for coordination between the various federal security forces and the peshmerga, in particular in Areas of shared responsibility to develop security breach management plans.

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