Great Britain: The Russian operation has slowed down on several fronts in Ukraine

The British Ministry of Defense estimated today, Thursday, that the military operation is being conducted by Russia in Ukraine has experienced a significant slowdown on all fronts.

In a daily update of the situation in Ukraine said that Russian forces have made limited progress on land, sea and air in recent days and are suffering huge casualties.

He also added: “The Ukrainian resistance is still firm and characterized by good coordination”, noting that most of the Ukrainian lands, including major cities, are still under the control of the Ukrainians.

launches helicopters

The Russian Defense Ministry instead announced, last Thursday, that the Air Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces had shot down numerous military aircraft and helicopters, as well as dozens of other drones, stressing that it had obtained new documents so that the biological laboratories in Ukraine transmit deadly epidemics.

He indicated that the Russian air force had succeeded in destroying the S-300 air defense system, as well as destroying a number of missiles of the “Tochka-O” system with high-precision missiles in the village of Sarny in the Rivne region.

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Interestingly, the Russian military operation launched on February 24, previously described by the Kremlin as limited, quickly spread to Kiev, which many NATO countries have prepared to back up with US-led quality weapons.

Unprecedented notice

It also called for an unprecedented security alert in Europe, and between Moscow and the West, which imposed harsh sanctions of more than 5,000 on the Russians and which hit various sectors in order to push Russia to stop.

However, Moscow has insisted more than once that military operations will not stop until its objectives and conditions are met, first of which is the disarmament of Ukraine and make the western neighbor a neutral country, far from entering. in NATO, as well as halting the expansion into Eastern Europe.

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