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Great Britain: We will supply Ukraine with long-range weapons and train its pilots

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that the UK will expand the training of Ukrainian military personnel by starting to train fighter pilots and plans to supply Kiev with long-range weapons.

“I am proud that today we will expand the training program for the Ukrainian forces, which will now include training fighter pilots and marines in addition to soldiers,” Sunak said, according to a statement from Sunak’s office.

The statement also stressed that Ukrainian pilots will receive skills that will allow them to “fly NATO fighters in future”. London intends to coordinate efforts in this camp with its allies in order to “meet Ukraine’s defense needs”.

Duration 36 months

The press release specifies that Sunak “will also propose to immediately start a training program for the marines, and all this will be added to the already existing recruit training program in course in the UK, which enabled 10,000 people to be trained in combat operations during the past six months and during questanother 20,000 people will be in able to acquire the necessary skills,” he said, adding that during questThis year the program should be further expanded.

“The prime minister will also propose to provide Ukraine with more long-range capabilities,” he added, noting that the main goal of tale step is to “interrupt Russia’s ability” to strike Ukrainian targets, as well as “help reduce pressure on Ukrainian fronts”.

Earlier, the British prime minister’s office indicated that the shortest training course for fighter pilots lasts 36 months.

Zelensky’s visit

Furthermore, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that all these topics will be discussed during the visit of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to the UK, scheduled for Wednesday.

Zelensky is supposed to meet the Prime Minister in the UK, talk in parliament and visit the base where Ukrainian military personnel are being trained. Members of the Ukrainian delegation intend to discuss the details of the training program with representatives of the British side.

“The prime minister will also offer support to President Zelensky’s plans to work for one pace adequate and long-term in Ukraine,” the statement underlined.

New sanctions against Russia

At the same time, the British prime minister’s office announced a new package of sanctions against Russia, which will be announced on Wednesday.

“Today, the UK will also announce new sanctions in response to attacks in course of Russia on the territory of Ukraine,” the office said in a note.


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