Green Basketball begins its preparations to face Jordan in World Cup qualifiers

The players of the first Saudi national basketball team organized themselves today in their training ground in Jeddah, in view of the meeting with the Jordanian team in the World Cup qualifiers, returning to Amman on November 26, and returning to Jeddah on the 29th of the same month.

The team is administratively supervised by Mr. Yasar Mokhtar and the administrator is Abdul Karim Hawsawi, while the team coach is supervised by Ali Al-Sanhani and his assistants Khaldoun Al-Mawlid and Krikor Kerkorian, physical trainer Amir Eid and physiotherapist Salim Al-Sheikh.

Al-Akhdar’s roster includes 16 players: (Mohammed Al-Marwani – Muhammad Al-Suwailem – Nasser Abu Jalas – Ahmed Al-Mukhtar – Nayef Al-Thalabi – Muhammad Adam – Thamer Abkar – Khaled Abdul-Jabbar – Jaber Al- Kaabi – Muhammad Al-Saqr – Muthanna Al-Marwani – Fahd Al-Salik – Musab Qadi – and Osama Al-Barqawi – and Ali Al-Shubaily – and Ayman Bilal).

During the pitch, Al-Akhdar will play two friendly matches with his Bahraini counterpart in Jeddah before qualifying begins in which Al-Akhdar participates in Group C along with teams from Jordan, Lebanon and Indonesia. This participation comes after a long journey during which “Al-Akhdar” played many matches before reaching this stage after qualifying for the next finals of the asian championship.

Group qualifiers are played in home and in away, and 3 teams from each group qualify for the second qualifying round, which includes two groups, each group consisting of 6 teams playing in home and away, and qualifies for the World Cup in each group, first, second and third, in addition to the hosts (Japan and Philippines).

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