Green Lantern Determines for Certain the Maximum Speed at Which He Is Capable of Moving

The mystery of Green Lantern‘s true speed has long been a topic of speculation among fans, but in Green Lantern #5 by Jeremy Adams and Xermanico, Hal Jordan finally reveals just how fast his new Power Ring can go. In the midst of battling his greatest nemesis, Sinestro, and dealing with out-of-control drones threatening his home, Green Lantern showcases his determination and willpower as he pushes his ring to its limits.

Green Lantern’s New Power Ring Can Hit Mach 12 Speeds

Despite Hal Jordan’s departure from the Green Lantern Corps, he has managed to fashion a new Power Ring that still allows him to fly within orbit and reach impressive speeds. While he may not be able to travel through transluminal space or exceed light speed, his willpower and determination enable him to reach Mach 12, as seen in his heroic efforts to stop the menacing drones.

Green Lantern’s Willpower is the Key to His Speed

Hal Jordan’s willpower has always been a defining aspect of his character, and it plays a crucial role in determining the capabilities of his new ring. With his levels of willpower, Green Lantern is able to generate a new ring and achieve speeds of over 9000 miles per hour. This demonstrates the potential for him to further enhance his speed with continued focus and determination, showcasing the true power of the Green Lantern’s will.

In Green Lantern #5, Hal Jordan’s display of determination and willpower in the face of danger not only saves his home from imminent threats but also sheds light on his new Power Ring’s remarkable speed capabilities. As he continues to harness his willpower, there is no telling just how fast Green Lantern can go in the future, further proving that his determination knows no bounds.

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