Greta Thunberg is surrounded by this wild rumor of … Time travel

Greta Thunberg Photo From Archive

Greta Thunberg was able to make a splash with her iconic speeches, which earned her the attention of many people.

Opinions on her are widely shared, with some praising her for her efforts and her courage, while others say that all of this feels the manipulation.

In any case, she certainly does not seem to be the focus of attention and has continued her life and activism.

One of the strangest rumors that surfaced recently about Thunberg was the claim that she was traveling in time, among all.

An old photo has surfaced, showing a person who looks a lot like Greta, and the photo is apparently over a hundred years old.

The original source of the image appears to be the University of Washington, where it has been kept in archives until now.

And while many have quickly reacted to the new rumor and even ridiculed it with memes and other similar activities, others seem to actually take the complaint seriously.

The reason someone jumps to such a conclusion is unclear on the basis of a photo that does not even show much detail, but it’s Internet for some.

Thunberg herself did not respond to the new rumors, although it’s probably fair to assume she has a lot to do, and she probably does not feel too excited about engaging in discussions. absurd.

One person said to the teenager, “In all my life, I have never seen or heard a young woman of your age as mature, as well founded, as incredible as the first time (thank you my God, that It’s up to you that everyone leads us!), your very articulate, passionate for your / our imperative, urgent cause for life and save our world and our planet !! We are so lucky to welcome you as our warrior angel of climate change – spending all your time now and your life fighting so hard! “

Another contributor said, “Prety, smart, smart, calm, calm in the angelic experience, mine, free heart, and high ethics, Greta is an expensive gift.” Greta is not the same .. God bless you, my heart ♥. “


The teenager has become a leading player in the game of climate change.

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