Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: Do Meredith and Nick End Up Together?

Meredith and Nick’s Relationship: A Recap

The day has finally come. Grey’s Anatomy season 19 is now available to stream on Netflix after last airing on ABC in May 2023. As expected, a lot happens in the nineteenth season, but what everyone wants to know is if Meredith and Nick end up together. No worries. We shared whether or not they end the season as a couple below.

Meredith and Nick meet in Grey’s Anatomy season 14, episode 17 when Nick comes to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to pick up an organ for a long-time patient in need of a transplant. Meredith approaches Nick, and Nick explains to her why he came to the hospital in the first place. But then he collapses mid-conversation. Nick had recently had a kidney transplant but went back to work too early. He fainted because he hadn’t fully recovered.

While running tests, Meredith and Nick flirt and basically hit it off. After discovering the real reason why Nick fainted, Meredith rushes him into surgery which ends up going well. But even though sparks were flying between the two, they don’t get together until four seasons later.

Spoilers Ahead: Grey’s Anatomy Season 19

However, their relationship is left in a weird place in the season 18 finale when Meredith tells Nick to go back to Minnesota. After Nick leaves, Meredith runs after him, but by then, he is gone. Things between them become even rockier in Grey’s Anatomy season 19 when Meredith decides to up and leave Seattle for Boston. So, what does Meredith’s move mean for her relationship with Nick? Do they work through their problems and end up together at the end of the nineteenth season? Or do they decide to part ways for good?

Grey's Anatomy Season 19: Do Meredith and Nick End Up Together?

Do Meredith and Nick end up together in Grey’s Anatomy season 19?

What a thrilling end to Grey’s Anatomy season 19! Despite the challenges Meredith and Nick faced throughout the season, their love ultimately triumphed. Meredith’s decision to pursue a job opportunity in Boston and enroll her daughter in a top-notch STEM school was a difficult one, but she knew it was the best choice for her family.

Although Nick struggled with Meredith’s decision, she made it clear that she valued herself and her children above everything else. Meredith’s strength and conviction were truly inspiring. She didn’t want to beg Nick to love her but rather wanted him to be a willing participant in her life.

After some time apart, Nick finally confessed his love for Meredith during their trip to Boston. Although Meredith played coy at first, she couldn’t resist Nick’s love and affection. Their reunion was nothing short of magical, and fans of the show were overjoyed to see them back together.

As season 20 approaches, many fans are wondering how Meredith and Nick will make their long-distance relationship work. Will they take turns visiting each other, or will one of them make the move to be closer to their partner? Whatever happens, we know that Meredith and Nick are a strong and committed couple who will do whatever it takes to make their love last.

Overall, the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 was a heartwarming and uplifting triumph of love. We can’t wait to see what Grey’s Anatomy season 20 has in store for these beloved characters.

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