Grid Legends revealed and you’re diving in in a racing drama in Drive to Survive style

The Grid franchising just … is not the same since since original game ran up players’radar e made one heck of an impression. Despite multiple rumors in the series, nothing caught the first game is Polish. Enter Grid Legends, which developer Codemasters and the publisher Electronic Arts revealed on Thursday.

We don’t have the gameplay yet, just a reveal trailer, but essentially, the player is “front and center” in a fly-on-the-wall documentary “, according to the game’S announcement. This feels a lot like developers looked at the success of Netflix and Formula One Guide to survive. Like, a lot. Hopefully, a storyline and drama won’t detract from solid gameplay in This latest signing up.

Aside from the story premise, we know the Grid World Series is back in the latest game, and all kinds of racing lessons will take place. With the auto with open wheels, muscle auto, auto adrift and more, This game it seems to cover everything. Grid fan favorites will also return when it comes to the slopes. Road circuits in San Francisco, Paris and other major cities are all on the agenda, as it is real-world racing tracks.

The game is ready for launch in 2022, so we will definitely get more details between now and launch date. In the meantime, check out the trailer above.

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