World Grieving Kenyan granny requires much better roadway security

Grieving Kenyan granny requires much better roadway security


Mary Wambui grieves the death of her grandson Brian

Kenyan Mary Wambui is still traumatised by the deaths of her child and three-year-old grandson after they were struck by a lorry in 2016.

They were attempting to cross a hectic six-lane highway near to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, when the mishap occurred.

Ms Wambui’s daughter, Monicah Nyambura, passed away on the area, however her grandchild, Brian, who was badly injured, spent much of the following year in healthcare facility prior to he too died.

They were simply two of the almost 3,000 people who were eliminated that year on Kenya’s roads, where security guidelines are often improperly observed.

Deaths and injuries from traffic mishaps throughout the continent are thought about to be a major health issue by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Committed grandson

” I miss them all. I miss them,” she told the BBC as she sat by Brian’s tomb.

” He was the grandchild who would stick with me when the rest would leave the house in the early morning,” she said.

The wood cross on the grave was broken, however the grieving granny said she would let it stay that way.

There was nothing that could assuage her pain.

Mary Wambui


I didn’t even sob, I couldn’t.

” I didn’t even weep,” she stated, thinking back to 2016.

The senior woman stated she invested many of the time after the accident by Brian’s bedside in health center.

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Some pedestrians grumble there are not enough footbridges on the significant highways in the Kenyan capital, but some complain that there are not enough.

In response to her death, her mom has asked the authorities to construct more footbridges on the roads, so other deaths can be avoided.

Presently, pedestrians comprise the biggest number of people killed on Kenya’s roads, representing almost 40%of the 3,572 road deaths in 2015, according to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

‘ Lack of knowledge and impunity’

” You find individuals being hit right below a footbridge,” ex-NTSA chief Francis Meja told the BBC.

” You ask yourself, truly, are people not conscious this truth? From where we sit, we believe this is out of lack of knowledge or impunity.”

For pedestrians, however, convenience sometimes precedes.

It is not uncommon to discover people crossing the broad lanes of Thika highway, the roadway that declared Ms Wambui’s daughter and grandson, along with other major routes in and around Nairobi.

In some places, there is barbed wire on the barriers to deter individuals from taking the threat, however it is not always efficient.

Throughout University Way, a significant route out of the centre of Nairobi, groups of individuals are continuously hurrying across the six-lane highway, nearly oblivious to the hiding danger of the vehicles that speed by.

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Pedestrians will take the danger of crossing a six-lane main road instead of use the footbridge nearby.

Her good friend Anne Katsutsu agrees, saying they did not notice the footbridge that they are implied to utilize.

Another pedestrian, Ramadhan Abdallah, said it was a matter of laziness, plus a lack of enforcement of the rules, which meant that people do whatever is hassle-free for them as long as no-one from the authorities is seeing

‘ Safety in numbers’

” I was simply computing … to walk from here to the footbridge [is too far] … and I can simply cross here,” he stated.

Total, the area has the greatest number of deaths on the road as a proportion of the population, WHO figures program.

Road traffic deaths per 100,000(2016)

93%of world’s road deaths take place in low and middle-income countries, WHO states

Recommending one reason that there are more roadway deaths in Africa than elsewhere, the WHO stated in a 2018 report that there was a significant link in between a country’s earnings level and the level of traffic casualties.

It suggested that adequate roadway safety rules and speed limits were not implemented or observed in lots of poorer countries. It likewise said that an absence of kid seat belts and driving while intoxicated contribute to the high death toll.

Rules neglected

” Whereas 60%of countries with laws satisfying best practice are from the European region, just 2%are from the African area,” the WHO report stated.

It added that in lots of countries, vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, are largely neglected in the planning, style and operation of roadways.

Travelling around Nairobi, it is clear that makeshift markets and hawking can block individuals on foot and encroach on the highway, requiring people to stroll on the roadway.

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Pedestrians typically have to wall on the roadways as traders take up the pavement.

Mr Meja said the WHO recommends that 10%of overall roadway construction costs are spent on safety initiatives – however in Kenya the figure is less than 1%.

He informed the BBC there is more the government can do to safeguard the susceptible and produce awareness.

But a current study by the Overseas Development Institute said that convincing individuals to behave more safely would not resolve the issue as the underlying causes of incidents, such as roadway style and much better metropolitan planning, require to be dealt with.

In the meantime pedestrians, like Ms Wambui’s child and grandson, will continue to pay a heavy rate due to the fact that roadway styles prioritise vehicles and other motorised transportation.

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