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Grundberg asks for concessions and a pace lasting in Yemen

The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, invited the parties in crisis to make concessions to achieve a political solution to the conflict and achieve a pace lasting in the country.

Grundberg stated, in a brief statement posted on his office’s Twitter account: “(Yesterday, Wednesday) 100th flight departed from Sana’a since April 2022 lull managed to open airport after nearly six years of closure.”

“More than 50,000 passengers have benefited from these flights. Today’s flight was the 49th since the end of the armistice last October,” he added.

The UN envoy explained that this “is a reminder of the importance of making concessions and their positive impact on civilian lives”.

The UN envoy stressed that “the parties in Yemen (the government – and the Houthi militia) must build on this to make progress towards further measures to mitigate the impact of the conflict on Yemenis”, underlining the need for “a cease-fire in all parts of Yemen, and the entrance in a political process.” University to End Conflict.

The Iranian-backed Houthi militia continues to hamper the efforts of pacerefusing to extend and expand the truce that ended last October.

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