Grundberg: The attack by the Houthis on Ma’rib undermines the solution of the conflict in Yemen

The special envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, said today Wednesday that the attack on Marib undermines the chances of reaching a negotiated solution to the conflict.

Grundberg confirmed in a press release, at the end of his visit to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, that the Houthis attack on Marib had repercussions in all of Yemen.

He added: “There is no sustainable military solution to the conflict in Yemen and all parts in war must reduce violence and prioritize civilian interests over military gains. “

According to the statement, during his visit to Cairo, Grundberg met the Egyptian foreign minister, Sameh Shoukry, and the secretary general of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

The statement indicated that they discussed the importance of Yemen’s stability to the region, the joint responsibility of countries in the region to avoid further escalation in Yemen, as well as recent military developments in Yemen, including Hodeidah, and the deterioration of humanitarian situation.

They also addressed the need to support the Yemenis in order to reach a negotiated political solution to end the conflict.

The UN envoy also met with a variety of Yemeni men and women, including parliamentarians, representatives of political parties, civil society organizations and professionals from the media.

Participants stressed the need to reduce the escalation of violence and focused on the impact of the economic crisis on civilian lives.

Grundberg consulted with Yemeni participants on ways to initiate an inclusive political dialogue that places the parties’ demands in the context of a broader Yemeni agenda that includes political, economic and security priorities, according to the statement.

The UN envoy reiterated that there is no sustainable military solution to the conflict in Yemen, inviting all parties in war to reduce the escalation of violence and prioritize civilian interests instead of military gains.

Since last February, the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, has intensified its attacks in an attempt to control Marib, but is facing great resistance from the national army, popular resistance and members of the tribes, with support of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy.

The Houthi militia has committed massive massacres against civilians and displaced persons in Marib, with attacks on residential neighborhoods and camps for displaced persons with ballistic missiles, drones and various weapons, causing hundreds of victims, and new waves of displacement for thousands of families, where Marib includes more than two million displaced persons.

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