GTA 6 Release Date: Everything we know so far for the fans waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA 6 Release Date Everything we know so far for the fans waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6
latest GTA 6 release news (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

According to Take-Two Interactive, they plan to release over 50 new games before April 2022, and GTA 6 is likely to be one of them.

62 new games are sure to relieve Rockstar Games of some of the pressure that would have been placed on them following the big Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement.

Take-latest Two’s earnings report revealed how many games the company expects to release in the coming years.

A total of 23 “immersive core” games were identified, with Grand Theft Auto 6 and its upcoming release date expected to be one of them.

A spokesperson for Take-Two says that this number is subject to change because of the cancellation or postponement of some games and the addition of others.

When CEO Strauss Zelnick confirmed that Take-Two had added a large number of new employees during the earnings call, he said:

These favorable engagement patterns are expected to continue if we continue to deliver the best entertainment experiences that are driven by our team’s passion and commitment to creativity and innovation.

As part of our long-term strategy, we’ve taken a number of important steps.” Across a range of platforms, business models, and genres, we continue to improve and diversify our pipeline. The second quarter will see the addition of over 350 new developers, as well as significant investments in our infrastructure and key, hires at our labels.

In addition, it was revealed that one game was canceled, but it had nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto 6.

A $53 million charge was confirmed in the meeting minutes as Take-Two completed development on an unannounced game in its pipeline.

It’s possible that any major project within the company could be affected by this, according to a new Bloomberg report.

According to Bloomberg, it was a game being put together by Hangar 13 and was for a superhero title that had not been announced.

Rumors about Take-Two’s popular franchise, Grand Theft Auto, continue to circulate.

According to industry analyst Jason Cohen and other sources, GTA 6 won’t be out for another two to four years, but more likely not until 2025.

GTA 6 is expected to be released somewhere between 2023 and 2025, according to these two theories, which at least agree on a possible release date of 2024.

New rumors have it that the team behind the popular sandbox series will be ready to reveal the first details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game as early as the month of November.

GTA 6 Trailer

Continuing the theme, there’s no official trailer yet.

GTA 6 Location

The setting for GTA 6 is another big topic of speculation and nothing is confirmed yet.

After years of silence, this would answer a wide range of questions about the Rockstar Games.

There’s a good chance that GTA 6’s players will learn where the game is set when it takes place, and what kind of world the developers are creating.

There are a lot of questions about the future of GTA Online, and this is a great opportunity for Rockstar to address them.

GTA 6’s release date on PS5 and Xbox Series X is the most pressing issue.

Based on previous game launches, fans may still have to wait several years before the game is released. It is possible that some of the most recent rumors are based on unsubstantiated information and should be taken with a grain of salt.

GTA 6 Pre-Orders

There aren’t any GTA 6 pre-orders yet.

So far, there have been no leaks or hints that GTA 6 will be revealed this month, so gamers are left in suspense.