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GTA 6 Release Date Target Leaked by Insider Source

We might finally know when Grand Theft Auto 6 will come out. If you thought it would come out this September, on the tenth anniversary of GTA 5, you were wrong.

Tez2, a trusted GTA leaker, says that the long-awaited game will come out around the holiday season of 2024. But they say that the goal date for the game’s release has changed several times in the last few years, so it would be a surprise if it came out before 2025.

Tez2 also thinks that content that was supposed to be in the main game could be cut for DLC in the future so that the game can come out sooner. If this happened, it would be a significant change from how Rockstar released GTA 5. New content was added to the online multiplayer mode, but there was no new single-player content after the game came out almost ten years ago.


Insider Gaming says that this information fits with what it has heard, and both it and Tez2 think it is likely that Rockstar will announce the first official details about the project before the end of the year.

Insider Gaming goes on to say that its sources say that part of the reason for the long wait is that GTA 6 will only be available for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and S consoles. To be the enormous hit that parent company Take-Two wants, it wants to ensure that the install base for those systems can handle tens of millions of units.

For some background, GTA 5 came out on PS3 and Xbox 360 months before PS4 and Xbox One. This meant that the install base for those consoles was set in stone. Then, GTA 5 would come out again on the next-generation hardware a year later. Since then, it has sold more copies than any other game except Minecraft.

The previous game in the series, GTA 4, came out early in the life of the PS3 and Xbox 360; it only sold about a seventh as many copies as GTA 5 did and still does. It sold even less than its predecessor, GTA San Andreas, which came out at the end of the life cycles of the PS2 and original Xbox.

In short, Take Two wants GTA 6 to sell more like GTA 5 than GTA 4; it will be easier if more people have more hardware when it comes out.

Of course, GTA 6 sales could be messed up if it came out on Xbox Game Pass, but let’s be honest: the only way that could happen is if Microsoft bought Rockstar, which they can’t do, can they?

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