GTA Online update adds open-wheel, Formula One-style racing

Grand Theft Auto Online’s most current racing event is Open Wheel Racing, aka the open-world criminal empire’s take on Formula One. OWR’s logo design even looks like the 70th anniversary logo F1 is using this season, too. It’s offered in Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode today.

Evaluating from the engine and the chassis note, and the truth there are no cockpit halos, we’re not getting the most contemporary vehicles here. The 2 available from Legendary Motorsport in Los Santos appearance like late 1980 s to mid-1990 s designs, especially in the liveries players might select.

The Redwood Cigs-branded Progen PR4 is nakedly a tribute to the 1991 MP4/6 that Ayrton Senna drove to a drivers’ and manufacturers’ championship for McLaren that year. That specific car remains in F1 2019, however they can’t show the Marlboro logo design due to the fact that cigarette smoking’s bad.

The Ocelot R88 (in-world marketing copy: “Never choose between the poise of a ballet dancer and the aggression of a frenzied gorilla”) is made by the GTA world’s equivalent of Lotus. A minimum of, that’s my impression due to the fact that its base livery is really comparable to that of Mario Andretti’s renowned 1978 Lotus 79, even if the chassis has to do with a years more contemporary.

The Los Santos Customs store has more styles, such as “Air Emu,” a nod to the Camel-branded 1992 Williams FW14 B that Nigel Mansell required to both champions that year. Or players can develop their own appearance with base and information paints.

Players can likewise update the car’s front and rear wings, brakes, tires (sorry, tires), and engine. In competition, players might utilize a Kinetic Energy Recovery System– essentially a rechargeable speed increase, although Formula One vehicles did really have this sort of thing from 2011 till the hybrid engine period started in2014


The video below, from YouTube’s GTA Series Videos, shows the definitely-not-street-legal-but-who-GAF vehicles tooling around Los Santos, so they’re not simply restricted to the 7 tracks that accompany theupdate Rockstar Newswire, as constantly, has much more on the personalizations and tracks offered.

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