GTA Players React to Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter: Elon Musk Ruins Everything

What Happens in Life Arrive in GTA

You know rule 34? The latter says that if something exists, a version for adults has necessarily seen the light of day, as strange as it may seem. Well, one should definitely create an equivalent for GTA. No matter what happens in real life, GTA players are bound to grab it. It is better that it works this way rather than the other.

And to be honest, it’s not really surprising. The GTA license, particularly with its latest opuses, has established itself as an acerbic satire of society. Few games represent modern society so well, especially on the AAA side. And this goes far beyond the framework thought out by the developers. With Grand Theft Auto Online, players can replicate any situation. The yellow vests? Let’s block the circles-points from Los Santos. Black Lives Matter protests? Let’s do an in-game equivalent. Some GTA-branded content creators actually emphasize this kind of reproduction of real-life in-game events, like Jugames V. Others opt instead for winks that are a little more discreet and tinged with a touch of parody. And there is one who has already paid the price several times: Elon Musk.

GTA Players Don’t Like X (Twitter)

In a game where one of missions is to kill a version parody of Mark Zuckerberg, the ground is more than fertile for making fun of billionaires with oversized egos. At the time of the announcement of the takeover of Twitter, it is therefore quite natural that GTA Online had seized the information. In the local Los Santos newspaper, one could read: “The American billionaire and genius of the tech Avon Hertz signed a deal on Monday to buy Bleeter for about $44 billion. Bleeter agreed to take over at $54.2 a share, a 38% increase from the price before Mr Hertz’s takeover bid. If this has the air of nothing, the link made between the character of Avon Hertz and Elon Musk is not trivial, as we explained to you in This item.

Today, the takeover of Twitter (now X) still has GTA players fuming. So much so that the smallest detail is good for tackling the boss of Tesla, even in much less recent games. By crossing the grand X from the Xoomer Gas station at Spinybed in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, couldn’t help but think of the latter. “Elon Musk ruins everything” he hastened to post on Reddit with a capture of his game. A little humorous spade that made other GTA players react a lot, rather agreeing with this statement. If you still needed proof that the changes made to the social network weren’t very popular, here’s one more.

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