Guardiola apologizes to City fans after his recent comments

The manager Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola confirmed that the inability of the club signing a new striker before the start of the season was not the reason for his inability to beat Southampton in Premier League on Saturday, and apologized to fans of the club after his comments on the presence of more fans.

City are pleased with their disappointing 0-0 win against Southampton at Etihad Stadium after hitting just one ball in the goal frame throughout the match, which is the team’s lowest point in championship since March 2017.

THE media Britons have linked Guardiola’s side with Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo as he tries to make up for the departure of his longtime top scorer Sergio Aguero, who moved to Barcelona before the season started but failed to include neither.

“Today we didn’t win, not because we didn’t have a striker, we didn’t win because what we did in the construction of the game was wrong or because the decisions of the players in attack were not good when we were good, players can run and reach other positions, “said Pep.

He added: The lack of a striker is not the reason, the reason is that the defensive line and Fernandinho have not done their usual job. The five players who have to pass the ball to the other players weren’t very good today.

Guardiola also reiterated that he had done nothing wrong following his comments on the need for more fans to come to the Etihad Stadium, statements that angered the crowd.

“I didn’t say anything wrong,” added the Spanish manager after the Champions League match against Leipzig last week. I said we need the support of our fans. I have never complained about the number of people coming or not coming. I never did it in my life.

He continued: “I am grateful to the 100 people in more or 85 people in field. I thank them for the fans for coming, of course they were great, especially in the last minute when we attacked the most. It was hard to ask them to support when we weren’t good or lost.

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