Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.37: Detailed Changes

A new update for Guilty Gear Strive, known as Update 1.37, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.


  • The latest update for Guilty Gear Strive, patch 1.37, introduces a plethora of new content and fixes various issues to improve the overall experience. From a new playable character to multiple bug fixes, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything included in this update.

General/Game Modes

New Playable Character: Slayer

Added Slayer as a Playable Character

  • Availability: Slayer will be unlocked after purchasing the “GGST Season Pass 3” or the standalone “Slayer” DLC item.

New Music and Audio Content

Added Slayer Theme, “Ups and Downs”

  • Requirement: Slayer must be selectable to use this new BGM track.

Added Additional BGM to Gallery Mode


  • Haven’t You Got Eyes In Your Head?” (Slayer’s theme from GGXX)
  • Jack-a-Dandy” (Slayer’s theme from GGXrd)
  • Note: The newly added BGM can be unlocked via in-game “fishing.”

Avatar Customization

Added Avatar Items for Slayer

  • Unlocking Method: The new avatar items can be obtained through the “fishing” mini-game within the game.

New Stage

Added DLC Stage “Amber Fest with Kind Neighbors”

  • Availability: The stage will be unlocked after purchasing the “GGST Season Pass 3” or the standalone “Amber Fest with Kind Neighbors” DLC item.

Digital Figure

Additional Content for A.B.A

Updated Digital Figure Items for A.B.A

  • Unlocking Method: The new Digital Figure items can be accessed by obtaining them through the in-game “fishing” mini-game.

GG World

Character Entries Updates

Updated Entries in GG World

  • Characters: A.B.A and Paracelsus entries have been updated to provide more detailed lore and information.

New Thumbnail Images

Added Thumbnails for Several Characters

  • Characters: Thumbnails for A.B.A, Elphelt, Slayer, Paracelsus, and Rei have been added to enhance the visual presentation of the GG World entries.

Battle Related

Bug Fixes

Fixed Wall Stick Issue with A.B.A

  • Issue: An error where opponents would stick to the wall after A.B.A’s Bonding and Dissolving would trigger an additional wall stick under certain conditions has been resolved.

Arcade Mode

Voice Playback Fixes

Corrected Voice Playback in Testament’s Arcade Mode

  • Issue: Some voices did not play correctly when set to Japanese. This issue has been fixed to ensure seamless voice playback.

Other Fixes

Character Model Adjustments

Minor Fix with A.B.A’s Character Model

  • Impact: This fix does not affect battle performance but corrects minor visual glitches.

Scene Rendering Fixes

Corrected Scene with Faust’s Bone-Crushing Excitement

  • Issue: The scene did not play correctly when Faust’s Bone-Crushing Excitement was used against Johnny. This has now been fixed to ensure proper scene rendering.

Camera Movement Adjustments

Fixed Unintended Camera Movement with Roman Cancel

  • Issue: Unintended camera movement was occurring when activating Roman Cancel at certain times during an aerial throw. This has been resolved.

Voice and Facial Expression Fixes for Bedman?

Corrected Voice Patterns and Facial Expressions

  • Issue: Certain voice patterns did not play the intended facial expressions when defeating Baiken while using Bedman?. This has been fixed to ensure that voice patterns and facial expressions align as intended.

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