Guinness World Records honors Ronaldo for his historic milestone

The Guinness Book of Records honored Cristiano Ronaldo for his new milestone after becoming the national team’s all-time top scorer.

The encyclopedia recorded the record historical in name of the Portuguese, who held the record more scored with the national team, after scoring 111 goals, beating the record by Ali Daei, who scored 109 goals with the Iranian shirt.

Ronaldo scored 33 goals in World Cup qualifiers, 31 goals in Euro qualifiers, 19 goals in friendly matches, 14 goals in the European Championships, 7 goals in the World Cup, 5 goals in the European Nations League and two goals in the Confederations Cup.

The Portuguese posted a photo of the Guinness award on his Instagram page, saying, “Thanks to Guinness World Records. It’s always good to be recognized as a holder of the record world. We keep trying to establish higher numbers. “

The Portuguese player, Ronaldo, sent a message to Portuguese fans and football fans after establishing the record historic top scorer for the national teams, after scoring two goals against Ireland in the fourth round of the European qualifiers for the World Cup.

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