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Gundogan: The Manchester City-Liverpool match is the biggest on the continent

Manchester: German international Ilkay Gundogan believes the upcoming match between Manchester City and Liverpool in the English Premier League is “the biggest game on the continent”. In the statements to the German newspaper “Deutschland”, released on Saturday, the captain of the City team said: “The best two teams of the best league will face each other and both are in the group of the strongest candidates. in the Champions “. “When I follow the press reports in Germany at the weekend, it seems that interest in this match is currently greater than interest in the German league, “added Gundogan. Manchester City, champion in office and leader of the English Premier League, he will host Liverpool, who are second, by one point, on Sunday evening. Gundogan, 31, expressed his belief that winning Sunday’s game will give at least a psychological advantage to the winning team, “and the winner will get better luck in the rest of the games, and the problem is not just about points, but also about self esteem”. -confidence. “” If we win, then we can theoretically lose points for the rest of the season, “added Gundogan. Interestingly, Gundogan, whose number of goals reached 34 goals last weekend, to become the German with the number record of goals in the English Premier League, quest’year can win three major trophies, the English Premier League and the Champions League with City, as well as the World Cup with the national team. The midfielder said winning the three trophies would be “too good to be true and, frankly, two of the three titles would be truly excellent.” (Dpa)


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