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Gungrave GORE Update 1.03 – Patch Notes on December 08, 2022

A new update has been released for Gungrave GORE Update 1.03. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Gungrave GORE Update 1.03 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


Full Auto:

  • PC: Pressing [CapsLock] while playing the game will toggle Normal/FULL AUTO mode. When using FULL AUTO mode, you cannot use Death Spear, But if you toggle back to Normal mode, you can use Death Spear again. Use whatever mode when the situation requires you to use it.
  • Activates Burst mode when using FULL AUTO while standing still
  • Added parring and missile reflection in Funeral Strike
  • Added shield-breaking function in Executioner’s Blood
  • When Grave/Bunji/Quartz knocks down, they’ll stay invulnerable for a while.


  • Fixed an issue where Bunji is not getting Art Score when executing an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where the controller kept vibrating when the player uses Death Spear after holding the trigger button while using jump shot
  • Fixed an issue where a stage was not cleared when the player reaches the stage clear point without killing all the enemies
  • Fixed an issue where charging turns off when the player passes through certain areas while charging, in Hong Kong Rooftop level
  • Fixed an issue of Who Knows Who’s spawning indication appearing in the wrong location
  • Fixed an issue where Who Know Who’s ending cutscene was not played
  • Fixed an issue of Grave not dying when hit by a tunnel while holding any enemies. He will die after getting crashed by a tunnel whether he grabs an enemy or not.
  • Fixed an issue of Grave getting stuck on a map object after getting caught by Brhatu
  • Fixed an issue where Brandon Heat/Bunji’s firing speed slows down while playing the game
  • Fixed an issue where the controller’s vibration was not working when Who Knows Who shoots projectiles
  • Fixed a progression issue in the Ship’s Core level (Scumland) center being blocked due to certain enemies standing still
  • Fixed an issue of shield damage not showing properly when getting hit by certain skills after the boss battle in the Harbinger’s Pit level (Scumland Center)
  • Fixed an issue of the Secret Laboratory level (Vietnam) boss not attacking Grave when the player is standing still in a certain area
  • Fixed an issue of the Infected Sewer level boss getting stuck on the wall when standing too close to it
  • Fixed an issue of boss tooltips not showing up after the player dies and restart while having a boss battle
  • Fixed an issue of shadows not appearing properly in the Skyline level
  • Fixed holes and floating objects in certain levels
  • Fixed issue when Grave falls out of the train after getting hit by the mine and get stuck on a block instead of dying.


  • Demolition shots are now able to break shields
  • Enhanced Grab Smash now gives knockback to enemies 360 degrees around
  • Attack damage increased when playing as Bunji/Quartz in Hard difficulty
  • Close combat damage increased when playing as Bunji/Quartz in Hard difficulty
  • Grave/Bunji’s Burst mode damage increased
  • Grave’s close combat will not cut off when hit by enemies while using it
  • Storm Barrage will not cut off when hit by enemies while the player has a shield left
  • Increased Grave/Bunji’s movement speed while shooting
  • Shield of Shielded enemy has less HP so it will break easier in close combat
  • Laser-shooting enemies will shoot their laser less due to the 2-second delay in-between
  • Missile-shooting enemies will not shoot another missile until their previous missile is blown up
  • Level design of the Freight Train/Experiment Cave has been improved
  • Made deadly pits of Hong Kong Back Alley levels darker so they look more dangerous to fall off
  • Damage of Laser in Laser Area at Turonty HQ level has decreased majorly.


  • Tutorial on FULL AUTO has been added / Tutorial appearing area and description have been fixed
  • Pop-ups on FULL AUTO have been added
  • Mafias’ voice-over will be more diverse. (English/Korean)
  • The options menu has been fixed for the Auto Target toggle
  • UI for Brandon Heat has been added.

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