Major Contents Update

Bunji is now playable in every stage (You can unlock it by purchasing it with DNA at the lab)
  • Added Charge Shot for Bunji
  • Added Upgrades for Bunji
  • Added Demolition Shot for Bunji
  • Added ranged execution move for Bunji
  • Added shield destruction functionality on Shoot up move
  • Added Jump Shot for Bunji
  • Polished Bunji’s basic movement about canceling other motions
  • Added Dodge Shot for Bunji
  • Bunji unlock is now available on Lab
  • Added achievement trophies for Bunji

Improvement on presentation of Demolition shots

  • Camera changes for controllable skills like Hell hound, Hellfire, and Death Sentence
  • Added camera presentation for some Demolition shots like Raging Inferno

System Improvement

  • Gimmicks that were against players removed
  • Polished Dodge with stronger dodging mechanic and polished animation
  • Polished Charging to be chained from various actions fluently
  • Shooting will be executed on pressing the button
  • Grave’s Charge Shot has 4 levels now
  • Added Dodge Charge Shot and Jump Charge Shot
  • Players can now change difficulty at Continue screen.
  • Deleted auto target disabled state in smoke & deleted tutorial on the smoke
  • Dodge shot shoots 6 bullets instead of 4 bullets
  • Added UI effect for changing to full auto shooting mode
  • Polished Boss NPCs’ attack speed and damage
  • Made lock-on functionality more fluent while using certain skills
  • Polished Idle motion
  • Improved Quick turn functionality
  • Improved parts when skills not being canceled while using them.
  • Improved range and hit effect of mines
  • Improved PC reaction when exploding objects are exploding
  • Improved Grave’s moving speed
  • Improved shooting functions to work when executed while shooting in full auto mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Added glasses on Classic Grave
  • Fixed issue that invincibility function not working after using skills: Bunji, Quartz
  • Fixed issue that Fury mode being activated infinitely when Bunji uses Burst mode while on Full Auto mode.
  • Fixed issue that Bunji not having height limits in his close combat.
  • Fixed issue that Shots not being canceled when dodge is used while shooting: Grave, Bunji
  • Fixed issue that NPCs shrinking down when hit by Bunji’s Shoot Up skill
  • Fixed issue that some of the animations for Idle motion not being executed properly
  • Fixed issue that the time between activating burst mode on a shot in full auto mode not matching the description in the burst mode tutorial.
  • Fixed issue that cartoon mode not being applied to New Orgmen that were summoned by Big-Wushen
  • Fixed issue that cartoon mode not being applied to Brandon Heat when he’s using his Brotherhood Demolition Shot.
  • Fixed issue that NPCs not reacting when hit by Demolition Shot, Hell Hound
  • Fixed issue that the projectiles of Hell Hound not flying to the crosshair.

Source:Gungrave GORE