Gunshots at protesters in near the headquarters of the Sudanese Army in Khartoum

According to the Al-Arabiya correspondent, protesters were on Tuesday evening in near the headquarters of the Sudanese Army in Khartoum shot.

In a gathering of sadness in The presence of a number of families of the December Revolution martyrs commemorated hundreds of Sudanese people in the capital Khartoum two years ahead of the second anniversary of the breakup of the sit-in before the army leadership.

Protesters questioned by Arabs and Al-Hadath expressed their anger die Government’s inability to die So far, perpetrators have been brought to justice and demanded retribution for the death of the operation, the number of which varied, but the Central Doctors Committee, which has great credibility, agreed die Time, in of their number fast one hundred and eight dead.

Despite the blocking of the roads leading to the General Command, numerous demonstrators were able to attend Ramadan Iftar in keep close to them and sing slogans, die called for retaliation.

The Sudanese Professionals Association had requested a statement in order to die Referring investigation of the incident to a dedicated international committee or under the supervision of the International Criminal Court to implement radical reforms and die Rebuild judicial organs, die the congregation were accused of failing to carry out their duties.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said he was pursuing die Work of the committee of inquiry under the direction of human rights defender Nabil Adeeb exactly, without himself in to interfere with his work, in hoping that he will soon finish his mission and present his final report.

Since noon today, Tuesday, some streets have been in the neighborhoods of the capital blocked with stones and burned tires to put pressure on die Exercise government and get them to help disperse the sit-in die Acts of the dead to respond and die December Revolution in general.

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