Guterres calls on the Taliban and all Afghans to stop the violence

The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, urged all Afghans, stop the violence immediately, in a report presented to the Security Council at the end of the week amid fears of a new civil war in Afghanistan.

“I call for an immediate end to violence, respect for the security and rights of all Afghans and respect for Afghanistan’s international obligations, including all international agreements undertaken by this country,” Guterres wrote in the document.
“I call on the Taliban and all other parties to exercise maximum restraint to protect human lives and ensure that humanitarian needs are met,” he added. in this document, issued in the context of the renewal of the mandate of the United Nations political mission in Afghanistan, which expires on 17 September.

The Taliban confirmed on Sunday that they have gained ground in the Panjshir valley, the last great stronghold of the armed resistance.

According to the United Nations, the country’s humanitarian crisis affects 18 million people, or half of its population. The UN humanitarian response plan was only funded by 38% and the organization is urgently seeking $ 800 million, according to the UN Secretary-General’s report.

“I ask all donors to renew their support in so that the vital response is urgently strengthened, delivered in time and alleviating suffering, “said Guterres, who called an international meeting on 13 September in Geneva to increase humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.

The secretary general also called on “all countries to accept the reception of Afghan refugees and to refrain from any expulsion”.
“Reports of severe restrictions on human rights in the whole country are deeply alarming, in particularly the reports of increasing human rights violations against Afghan women and girls, which raise fears of a return to the darkest days, “said Guterres.

“It is necessary to protect the hard-won rights of Afghan women and girls. It is also necessary to form an inclusive government that represents all Afghans, including women and different ethnic groups,” she added.

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