Guterres greeted die United States vaccine donation to die Kovacs Initiative

The Secretary General of the United Nations welcomed them die Announcement by the government of US President Joe Biden that millions of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will be delivered die United Nations-supported Kovacs initiative and donations to individual countries and UN workers on the front lines in difficult and dangerous places.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Secretary General Antonio Guterres was “extremely grateful” to the US government for having staff, diplomats and staff from the 193 UN member states in has entered the US vaccination program.

Guterres greeted die United States vaccine donation to die Kovacs Initiative


Biden announced on Thursday that die United States will quickly donate an initial allocation of 25 million doses of excess vaccine overseas through the Kovacs program, which has so far only distributed 76 million doses to countries in need.

Overall, the White House has announced plans to distribute 80 million cans worldwide by the end of June, mostly about die Kovacs Initiative.

Dujarric said die Donation to frontline UN workers would enable workers to “survive safely and effectively and provide vital services to vulnerable people around the world.”

Dujarric added that Guterres responded to his call die Countries renewed to share vaccines, in particular in Countries die struggle with new mutations and strains.

“It is urgently necessary, die Increase global solidarity to ensure vaccines are available to everyone, everywhere, ”he said.

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