Guterres is in trouble…a statement implicating him with North Korea!

After the recent statements made by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, in which it called Pyongyang’s nuclear program a “clear and present danger”, North Korea harshly condemned these words.

Pyongyang released a statement on Saturday night accusing Guterres of adopting “doubles standard” and “destroy the trust of the international community in the United Nations”.

Crowds of weapons!

He also considered, in a statement released by North Korean Foreign Ministry official, Ju Chol Su, that Guterres ignores what he called the “reckless buildup of weapons” by the United States, which has said it is constantly bringing all kinds of nuclear means strikes to the peninsula Korea and the region.

Joe pointed out that Japan lacks any moral and legal capacity to serve on the United Nations Security Council due to its warlike and colonial past, according to his statement.

This came after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for a massive increase in his country’s nuclear arsenal and the development of new ICBMs this month. in response to what Pyongyang sees as hostility from the United States and South Korea.

Tensions are rising

In response, Guterres saw Thursday during a Security Council meeting on the rule of law chaired by Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi that the illegal nuclear weapons program being pursued by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea poses a clear and present danger and driving geopolitical risks and tensions to new heights.

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Interestingly, military tensions on the Korean peninsula have risen sharply in 2022, with North Korea leading test on weapons nearly every month, including the launch of an ICBM, which is the most advanced ever made.

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