Gwen Stefani throws herself on her boyfriend Blake Shelton after he compliments her legs – says she is so “lucky” to have her!

After the last episode of The Voice, Blake Shelton praised his love for Gwen Stefani’s girlfriend, especially for his long legs. Looks like his compliments were really effective. The singer seemed to really love love and returned some of it, and everything happened in front of the camera!

It all started with Gwen sharing several clips from The Voice, some of which also included her boyfriend, Blake.

One shows the pair walking behind the scenes while the man checks his warm outfit for the day.

“Hey, I like those cowboy boots you wear. With the bangs on them. I love those legs that go in cowboy boots! “, He said to him.

Hearing this, Gwen became all black and blushed but made sure to thank his man for the compliment.


– shefanisocials (@shefanisocials) November 27, 2019

She then says to the camera, “Do you see how lucky I am ?! I have Blake Shelton!

While behind the scenes were very exciting, unfortunately, the evening was not the same in the series since one of his artists, Myracle Holloway, was eliminated!

That being said, other clips have shown Blake to console her, telling Gwen that at this stage of the competition, only some of the best remain, each elimination is tragic and unfair!

Speaking of which, there are only ten competitors on The Voice at this point, Blake and Gwen having two each under their wings.


The other judges, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, have three competitors each in their team.

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