Hacker made beautiful Star Fragment trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When players get all their favorite villagers and welcome K.K. Slider to play on their island, the gameplay can end up being stagnant. The only thing left to do is terraform anddecorate Completion game iscustomization With such a focus on designing, players are getting innovative with their islands. One hacker produced beautiful Star Fragment trees to personalize their island to their preference.

Nintendo does not authorize of hackers, even ones that are focusing on imagination. As appealing as completion result might be, we do not suggest attempting it yourself.

Twitter user Soguumm posted several images and a video of their island. In a tiny island trip, Soguumm revealed off their beautiful island, complete with hackedtrees The trees have Star Pieces growing where fruit or money would typically grow.

It’s a beautiful effect that adds a heavenly visual to their island. And we’re envious.

Star Pieces are an unusual item in Animal Crossing: NewHorizons Just found throughout meteor showers by wanting on falling stars. Star Pieces will be along the beach the next early morning. They’re utilized to develop unusual, celestial furnishings. There are regular Star Pieces and special ones that associate to the constellation associated with the month. April’s meteor shower might drop Taurus Pieces. These are rarer and might just have one or more on the beach throughout the meteor shower.

Another batch of photos shows the Star Pieces aren’t the only decors. Other trees have crystal hearts while others have gold nuggets.

Based on a comment on one of the posts, the trees are really money trees with an item changed. If the item is gathered, it will not grow back, unlike fruittrees Given that they can’t be gathered, the tree is simply for looks. While it’s still a hack, a minimum of it can’t be utilized to continuously gather Star Pieces outside of the normal mechanics.

As innovative as it is, Nintendo does not like players hacking their games and will likely launch a patch to avoid comparable changes in thefuture Again, we do not suggest attempting this, for the safety of your game file.

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