Hackers penetrate in sensitive “military” sectors .. in America

Suspected foreign hackers have infiltrated in 9 organizations in the fields of defense, energy, health, technology and education, of which at least one is located in been unitedAccording to the findings of the security firm Palo Alto Networks,

With the help of the National Security Agency, cybersecurity researchers, CNN reported, exposed the efforts in course by these anonymous hackers to steal key data from US defense contractors and other sensitive targets.

A division of the National Security Agency responsible for mitigating foreign cyber threats to the US defense industrial base also contributed to the analysis of the Palo Alto Networks report.

According to CNN, this is the type of electronic espionage that security services do in each of the two administrations of the current president of the United States have tried Joe Biden And former Donald Trump to expose it before it causes a lot of damage.

Burn hacker tools

The purpose of disclosing this information to the public is to warn other companies that they may be targeted, as well as to burn hackers’ documents.

Officials from the National Security Agency and the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) track the threat.

Hackers penetrate in sensitive “military” sectors .. in America

Long term

“In this case, the hackers stole the passwords of some of the targeted organizations to maintain long-term access to those networks,” Ryan Olson, a Palo Alto Networks executive and vice president of Unit 42, told CNN. .

Which might allow them in followed, according to the spokesperson, to intercept sensitive data sent via e-mails or stored on computer systems until they are expelled from the network.

Olsen also pointed out that the nine confirmed victims are the “spearhead” in the apparent spying campaign, expecting more victims to emerge.


Suspected Chinese hacker group

It is unclear who is responsible for this campaign, but Palo Alto Networks said some tactics and tools of the attackers overlap with those used by a suspected Chinese hacker group, while the NSA and CISA declined to comment on the identity. Some hackers .

Thanks to their national security secrets, American defense contractors are a frequent target of foreign hackers.

Cybersecurity firm Mandiant revealed early on questyear that China-linked hackers were exploiting a different vulnerability of the software to violate defense institutions, the financial and public sector in the United States e in Europe.


“Really useful”

Olson said any company dealing with the Pentagon could have a series of data in their emails about defense contracts that might be of interest to foreign spies.

He also added: “In general, access to that information can be really useful,” adding: “Even if it’s not confidential information, even if it’s just information on how to do the job.”

In the campaign discovered by Palo Alto Networks, attackers exploit a vulnerability in software used to manage network passwords.

It exploits the flaw of the software

Recall that in September the CISA and the FBI warned that hackers were exploiting a flaw in the software and urged organizations to upgrade their systems. Days later, hackers tracked by Palo Alto Networks scanned 370 servers of computer who run the program only in the United States, and then started taking advantage of the program.

Olson also encouraged organizations using Zoho to upgrade their systems and look for signs of intrusion.

Federal officials confirmed to CNN that the hacking revelations are proof of their work closely with cybersecurity companies to stay abreast of threats.

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