Hackers significantly pretend to be a colleague to take business secrets, and occurrences of such conversation hijacking are up 400%

An analysis of half a million cyber attacks, carried out by California-based Barracuda Networks, found a sharp boost in “conversation hijacking” in between July and November last year– in which hackers pose as colleagues to gain sensitive details– rising from simply 500 to around 2,000

” From there, they will insert themselves into existing company conversations or initiate brand-new discussions based on information they’ve collected from compromised e-mail accounts or other sources.

” They don’t constantly use jeopardized email accounts to carry out the impersonation attacks,” he included.

Three Finalists Declared for the 2020 Blossom Burton Award

Business Wire April 30, 20209:01 AM EDT Filed underBusiness Wire News Releases Award Recognizes the Year’s Most Significant Contributor to Canada’s Innovative Healthcare IndustryTORONTO — Bloom Burton & Co. is pleased to announce the three finalists for the 2020 Bloom Burton Award. Bestowed annually and nominated by the public at large, the Bloom Burton Award…

Talking Crypto: Find out to truly understand the world of cryptocurrency

Peter Kenter Postmedia Content Works April 30, 20208:00 AM EDTLast UpdatedApril 30, 20201:42 PM EDT Back in the days when workers stood around the watercooler (it wasn’t that long ago) the topic of cryptocurrency might occasionally arise. Faced with a conversation that revolved around investing in Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Stellar Lumen it might have…

Howard Levitt: Parents are on double responsibility throughout the pandemic. Employers must accommodate– up to a point

Five million Canadians have suddenly started to work from home during the current pandemic to add to the two million already set up to work remotely pre-COVID. As a raft of Canadians try to circumnavigate their new regime, conventional and social media are replete with tips, complaints, and jokes about just how to do it,…


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