Hackers steal sensitive data from millions of Robinhood users

Scandal-hit Robinhood investment platform disclosed that personal data of millions of its customers were exposed to a “data security incident” after an extortionist “socially engineered” a customer support staff member last week.

In a notice on the blog on On Monday, the Silicon Valley-based company revealed that the “Unauthorized third party party” had convinced the employee over the phone a give they access to “Certain customer support systems “.

During the data breach, which occurred on November 3, the attacker froze of about five million user email addresses and got the full names of another two million people.

The intruder also apparently had access to additional personal details, including names, dates of birth and address ZIP code for a smaller one group of 310 people. Meanwhile, the company said “more full account details “ of 10 customers were taken, but it was not specified what these details were.

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According to Robinhood, the criminal then he demanded an extortion payment for the stolen information. The blog post noticed that the attack had been “content”. The company said “No social security number, bank account or debit numbers card numbers” have been exposed from the breach and believe there has been “no financial lost” to any customer such as a result.

Although apparently hackers made threats about what they would do with the information, a spokesperson for the company told Bloomberg that it was not ransomware attack. The unnamed representative also declined to comment on if the business is over up pay the attackers.

Robinhood corporate communication manager Casey Becker said tech news Gizmodo outlet that the company has “reached up out to the competent authorities “. The blog post noticed that law enforcement was aware of the accident while the firm is “continuing to investigate the incident with the help of [cybersecurity company] Principal. “

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The company has a fiasco record when it comes to customer accounts safety. Last year, nearly 2,000 accounts were compromised in a hack that reportedly saw customer funds being stolen out. meantime in In 2019, the company said a security flaw had potentially exposed stored customer passwords and other credentials in improper way.

Before this year, Robin Hood faced a congressional hearing after investors sued the company over “market handling” for freeze a frantic driven by Reddit trading campaign on the so-called meme stocks like GameStop and AMC theaters. The company had called the move a “risk-management decision” and denied being influenced by his ties to the majors financial companies.

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