Hadi: The government’s return to Aden requires a pooling of efforts to accomplish its tasks

Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi said today, Wednesday, that “the government’s return to Aden, despite all the circumstances, requires united efforts to succeed in its tasks and remove all obstacles that prevent and hinder the government from carrying out its role”.

Hadi pointed out, in a Wednesday night speech, in occasion of the 58th anniversary of the October 14 revolution, that the implementation of the remaining provisions of the Riyadh Agreement should be a priority to ensure security and economic stability and strengthen state institutions.

Hadi: The government’s return to Aden requires a pooling of efforts to accomplish its tasks

Riyadh agreement signed in November 2019

The Yemeni president, on the other hand, touched on the difficult economic conditions that his country is going through, and expressed “the aspiration to support brothers and friends”.

In another context, Hadi stated that “the pace is killed in Yemen by the Houthi militias and behind them the unlimited Iranian support “, criticizing” the whole world that is facing this without moving “.

He stressed that “the efforts for the pace they are transforming themselves day by day in the minds of the Yemeni people in intangible efforts and declarations that do not stop terrorism, do not prevent further killings and destruction and only obtain recklessness and tampering by the Houthi militias “.

He stressed that “the continuation of these militias with killings, attacks, sieges, violence and terrorism clearly defines their position on the pace, the efforts of the United Nations and the initiatives proposed for the pace”.

He accused the Houthi militia of “transferring the hateful Iranian experience to practice slavery, exclusion, violence and terrorism”. He said: “Yemen will not be well, and these extremist terrorist militias kill, attack and besiege our people in Ma’rib, Shabwa, Al Dhale’e, Taiz, Al Bayda and in all of Yemen “.

The Yemeni president was surprised that the international community is “unable to exert any pressure against a party that attacks and kills and prides itself on killing and besieging in front of the whole world and rejects appeals to pace and at the end of the bloodshed “, noting that” The continuation of the militias to ignore the international appeals for pace it is a continuation of the politics of unconsciousness and a continuation of the politics of violence and terrorism and the imposition of things by force.

From the battle fronts of Marib

From the battle fronts of Marib

He stressed that the Houthis’ siege of Abdiya in Marib, which hosts nearly 35,000 civilians, for more than 20 days without passing medicine or food, “reveals dirty barbarism and terrorist behavior that does not belong to the values ​​of war or morality of the Yemeni. , as well as its violation of international humanitarian law “.

He added: “All of this is happening in one moment in which Marib supplies the whole country with gas, oil and life requirements … He gives them life while they give them death. “

Hadi pledged to “fulfill the aspirations of the Yemeni people for salvation from the clutches of the Iranian militia”, betting on the “sacrifices of the Yemeni people and their rejection of projects unrelated to their identity and history, and on the steadfastness of the heroes of the ‘national army “.

He continued: “We bet on the sincerity of the courageous fraternal stance of the coalition supporting legitimacy, led by friends in the brotherly kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and on everything they have presented and are offering in the battle of Yemen to protect it from Iranian tyranny and the his tools “.

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