Hai Shaulian, Israel’s top COVID observer, claimed COVID that killed him was a ‘poison attack’

An of Israel’s Top Anti-Vaxx Activists Reportedly Died of COVID-19 two days after posting a final message to his followers die ordered them to “keep fighting” against the shot that could have saved his life.

Hi Shaulian, who was 57, has spent the pandemic organizing protests against the coronavirus rules– including Israel’s vaccine passport scheme, the Green Pass. According to the Jerusalem Post, he lost his life to COVID-19 on Monday morning after spending one week in Hopital.

In his last facebook post, where the anti-vaxxer over complained how his symptoms were terrible but remained challenging against the vaccine. next to a photo of himself on a fan, Shaulian wrote: “I am in a very serious condition… Not in able to talk and respond to people. I have no oxygen and can’t stabilize… It took I take about an hour to find out out who I am. Where am I and what am I doing here… Lack of oxygen is a terrible thing.”

Despite his condition, he managed to final scaffolding against Israel’s green pass, writing: “It has nothing to do” with the coronavirus. It has nothing to do with vaccines. It has to do with coercion… Keep fighting.”

The anti-vaxxer signed off: “I believe I will get through this, with from God help. I estimate it will take another two weeks, maybe three.” Two days later, on He died of the virus on Monday morning.

When he first to feel sick last week, Shaulian allegedly claimed that the police had poisoned him after he was arrested during a protest against the green pass. “I’m telling you, this is an attempt to wipe me away” out and if something happens to me know that’s exactly what happened,” he said.

According to the Jerusalem Post, he told his earlier followers: “There is no epidemic – the vaccine is unnecessary and dangerous.”

Though Israel was praised for the rapid roll-out of the vaccine in the start of the year, there are still around a million people out of it’s nine million population who come in comment for the vaccine and have chosen not to use it.

National case numbers have been rising since the end of July.

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