Gaming Halo: The Master Chief collection already contains some extremely...

Halo: The Master Chief collection already contains some extremely cursed mods


Halo: The Master Chief Collection has only been on the PC for a day and players already use the modding system for evil. The current mods are pretty simple, but still extremely damned.

The modding site Nexus Mods, which hosts mods for hundreds of games, currently has three mods available for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Each of the three modifications only replaces very simple game files, such as the cursor in the game or the background of the menu.

Here is our final ranking of these mods:

1. Reach Menu Replacer

Nexus Mods user TheCorex

This is the only healthy mod that anyone has ever made. It replaces the default background for the Master Chief Collection with Halo’s original release menu background: Reach. Good content.

Second Pizza Cursors

It does exactly what you think it should. If you want pizza instead of a normal mouse pointer, this is the mod for you, I think. This mod is neutral, neither bad nor good, it’s just pizza.

Third Tim Allen Menu

I’m sorry to show you these 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios through the Nexus Mod user ChairDoorMan

This mod is a direct attack on the Forerunners and should be destroyed. It would be one thing if this menu was just a big picture of Tim Allen. But no, this nasty mod-creator has decided to do this with a small photo so they can curse us with many little Tim Allen’s staring at us all at the same time. The most subtle insult to this mod is to see, on closer inspection, that the photo is actually signed by Tim Allen, which makes it look like Tim Allen has signed your monitor several dozen times. Thanks for nothing, Tim. Please do not download this mod.

This first series of Halo: The Master Chief Collection mods is quite limited, but will certainly be more complicated in the future. 343 Industries has already told fans that it will support mods for the PC version of the game and will even release a number of modding tools that will allow modders to create more complicated creations. Although, frankly, we are not sure if modders should be given more power if that is the purpose they will use it for.

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