Halsey Addresses A Video Showing Her Slamming An Audience Member During One Of Her Concerts For Screaming G-Eazy’s Name

There’s a video that went viral and shows Halsey chewing out one member of the audience. The factor was the reality that the audience member yelled G-Eazy’s name during her show.

Now, The Shade Space reported that she discussed this for the first time. Have a look at what occurred below.

‘An audience member was testing #Halsey’ s persistence last night during her show in Miami, by shouting out #GEazy’s name. As ya’ll understand, G-Eazy is her ex . so sis wasn’t having it!!’ TSR composed.

The video stimulated an extreme dispute in the remarks amongst fans who are discussing her response.

Somebody stated: ‘yall forgot she half black ???????? that side jumped tf out baby,’ and one fan stated: ‘It was really not that serious for her to go off like that. Obviously she’ s still harmed.’

Another fan stated: ‘Why she react like that I would have just ignored and kept it moving,’ and somebody else posted this: ‘I mean the person was outta pocket she had every right to snap like that.’.

A commenter stated: ‘She’ s utilizing her brightness to get away with it and utilizing that “I’m a woman” reason! Cancel her! This is not alright.’

Another fan stated: ‘Y’ all talking bout she’s pushed as if he didn’t physically abuse her, naturally, she seethes who pays to be in front and attempt to annoy the individual carrying out. Go tf home.’

Another TSR fan composed: ‘I mean why would you buy tickets to be up close at her show and then taunt her while you’ re there!?? Can somebody discuss to me the type of world we reside in cause I’m baffled ♀ ♀’

Another person posted this: ‘Everyone gets frustrated. She’ s human simply like any of us and he was selecting why can’t y’ all seethe at him WISHING TO get an unfavorable response rather of “how she could’ve acted”’


In other news, Halsey got some major reaction after she tweeted something typically thought about insensitive in action to a bad album review. After understanding what she had actually mistakenly stated, Halsey said sorry.

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