Hamas asks Barghouti in to be accepted into the prisoner contract … and Israel has reservations

Sources told Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath on Tuesday that Egypt is working on a ceasefire between the Palestinian and Israeli sides that will include prisoner exchanges and economic and political issues.

It was said die Hamas did die Photo of Marwan Barghouti in die Pending preliminary list of prisoner exchange agreement, while Israel had reservations on this.

It was also confirmed that die Movement called Cairo, die not to affect released prisoners when the deal is closed.

The agreement will include negotiations to cross the Gaza Strip, die Israel currently refuses. The Palestinian factions insist die Lift the siege and begin the rehabilitation of Gaza.

Urgent meeting in Cairo

Egypt had his call die Palestinian factions for an urgent meeting next week in Cairo confirms, as the state television reported on Tuesday.

She stated that the meeting aims to achieve a unified vision on a number of acts, including stabilizing the ceasefire.

Hamas asks Barghouti in to be accepted into the prisoner contract … and Israel has reservations

From the visit of the Chief of General Intelligence, Major General Abbas Kamel, to the Gaza Strip Archives

Its terms include negotiations to end the settlement and evictions, and it is signed through Cairo as the main broker of the deal.

Maj. Gen. Abbas Kamel, director of Egyptian intelligence, had arrived in the Gaza Strip to meet with the leaders of the Palestinian factions and discussed a ceasefire, armistice and rebuilding the strip since the beginning of this century during the first visit by an Egyptian intelligence chief yesterday afternoon .

It is noteworthy that Egypt in The past few weeks has made great efforts to die stop recent Israeli-Palestinian escalation, die erupted on May 10 and lasted 11 days between Israel and factions amid Palestinian anger over die Israeli police raids in near the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and plans to take Palestinians out of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in from the city for the benefit of Jewish settlers.

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