Hamas: Israel’s attack killed 90 of our cadres and destroyed 3% of the tunnels

Hamas Politburo head Yahya Sinwar said the Israeli attack killed only 90 cadres in the movement and destroyed 3% of the tunnels.

Sinwar renewed in a televised speech about his threat to attack Tel Aviv with missiles, die have been tested at sea and in would have to be tested in practice.

Sinwar added, “We have been offered concessions and flexibility die end Palestinian partition, however die Elections were canceled, “adding that die PLO without Hamas is a “political salon”, as he put it.

He said: “We have an immediate right before us die Organize PLO so that it represents everyone … What was proposed to die Ending partition before attacking Gaza is no longer valid. Any talk about government and gatherings is a waste and “a burn in the stage,” adding, “We have die accepted minimal transition period in the interests of the Palestinian national consensus. “.

He also described die Palestinian liberation organization without Hamas as a “political saloon”. . ”

Hamas: Israel’s attack killed 90 of our cadres and destroyed 3% of the tunnels

And sources for “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” revealed Tuesday that Egypt is working on a ceasefire between the Palestinian and Israeli sidesThe prisoner exchange includes economic and political issues.

She said that die Hamas die Photo of Marwan Barghouti in die requested the original list of the prisoner exchange agreement, while Israel had reservations about it.

It also confirmed that die Movement called Cairo, die not touching released prisoners when the deal is done.

The agreement will include negotiations on a sea crossing of the Gaza Strip, die is currently rejected by Israel, with the determination of the Palestinian factions die Lift the siege and begin rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip.

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