Hamas makes a statement in who attacked Al-Arabiya in the case of the released prisoner Mansour Al-Shahatit

Hamas issued a statement in who attacked Al-Arabiya TV in the case of the freed prisoner Mansour Al-Shahatit, in whom he accused colleagues in the prison of beating him over his disagreement with Sinwar.

The Israeli occupation authorities released the prisoner Mansour Al-Shahatit from the city of Dura, south of Hebron, after serving 17 years in prison. The prisoner was in a very difficult mental state.

Psychiatric and neurological diseases

The released prisoner Shahatit suffers from mental and neurological illnesses. During his detention, he was severely tortured and severely tortured for a long time in Held in solitary confinement resulting in a state of amnesia that prevented him from getting to know his mother and large numbers of people from his relatives and brothers in a scene in the all die received him, wept.

Sources revealed to Al-Arabiya that he had been isolated and badly beaten for years by some of the Hamas-affiliated prisoners after meeting with Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza, in the same prison as die Hamas found Shehatit.

Al-Shahatit cried when he talked about being beaten and stopped talking, but we kept looking to find out die Shahatit issue began in 2000 and nine when an organizational dispute between him and Yahya Sinwar, the current Hamas official in Gaza, arose and the former prisoner, the quarrel turned into violence and it was beaten. Al-Shahatit was badly hit in the head by a number of Hamas prisoners, then refused die Prisoners, with them in staying in the same department, and so he was isolated.

Prisoner Mansour Al-Shahatit’s mother said: “Al-Shahatit suffered a mental breakdown during his years of isolation. With the medical negligence, die die When prison administration practiced against him, his condition worsened and he remained unchanged until he became a member of the tribes and factions. “Through external intermediation, he managed to get him back under die Bring prisoners, but it was too late. “

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had responded to the appeal for treatment of the freed prisoner Mansour Al-Shahatit and ordered the Ministry of Health to give him immediate attention die to receive the necessary treatment.

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