Hamas papers for negotiations with Israel … The temptation to register a soldier

While die “Hamas” announced yesterday evening, Sunday, that it has strong papers to negotiate with Israel on the prisoner exchange without clarifying what these papers are, published die Movement amid Israeli reports that this negotiating process has slowed down, an audio recording, die one of the Israeli soldiers reported to the Israeli media that die army die Record examined.

The Israeli Channel 13 correspondent pointed out that die Israeli army checks whether die Voice, die in The picture appears to belong to the captured soldier Abra Mengistu.

On the other hand, Mengistus’ mother and denied die Family of another prisoner of Arab origin, Hisham al-Sayed that die Leaked record by Hamas was attributed to her two sons.

Hamas had shown an audio recording on one of the channels die suggested that it belonged to an Israeli soldier who was captured by her in Gaza without revealing his identity.

Quick negotiations with Israel

It is noteworthy that the head of the Hamas movement in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, confirmed last week that there is a “good opportunity” die Moving prisoner files between the two sides. When asked by the AFP about the imminent conclusion of a prisoner exchange agreement, he replied: “This file offers a real opportunity and we are ready for quick, indirect negotiations to die File to complete. ”“ We have a good opportunity to move this file, ”he added.

Hamas papers for negotiations with Israel … The temptation to register a soldier

The effects of the destruction in Gaza as a result of the Israeli bombing – AFP

The movement had previously announced it would have four Israelis among them die Soldiers Shaul Aron and Hadar Goldin, die Captured in 2014 during the Israeli war against Gaza and which Israel has confirmed were killed in their capture.

While die Hamas remains silent without disclosing any information about them.

As for Ibra Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed, Israel stated that they had mental disorders and they infiltrated Gaza of their own free will.

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