Hamas pushes for prisoner trade, warn of ‘explosion’ during visit to Egypt

AN Hamas delegation led by the leader of the movement, Ismail Haniyeh, continued efforts to reach an agreement of calm and prisoner exchange, while warning against “violations” of Jerusalem and Palestinian prisoners, during a visit to Egypt on Tuesday.

During a meeting with The Egyptian minister of information Maj.-Gen. Abbas Kamel, the delegation discussed the situation in Jerusalem, including in Sheikh Jarrah and on the Temple Mount, as well as ways to “de behavior” of Israel in Jerusalem, the Hamas movement announced on Tuesday.

The delegation also discussed the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, with a focus on the ones die be held in administrative detention, and pushed Egypt’s role in reaching a prisoner exchange agreement, stating “intransigence” on Israel’s side and a defect of progress on the issue.

Hamas still holds Israeli burgers Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed and the bodies fixed of IDF soldiers St.-Sgt. Oron Shaul and Lieutenant Hadar Goldin.

The Palestinian Safa News Agency reports that on Tuesday that there were no breakthroughs made met pertaining to a prisoner exchange agreement during the meetings in Egypt. According to the report, the Hamas delegation warned that the situation could “explode”. like it did in May during Operation Guardian of the walls because of what it called “ongoing Israeli violations and crimes” in Jerusalem and against prisoners, as well as the continuation of settlement building.

Hamas pushes for prisoner    trade, warn of ‘explosion’ during visit to Egypt HAMAS SUPPORTERS Attend An Anti-Israel Demonstration As Missiles Are Displayed on An truck in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip in Can. (credit: IBRAHEM ABU MUSTAFA/REUTERS)

A source in the Hamas movement told al-Araby al-Jadeed on Tuesday that the delegation informed Egypt that a ceasefire is conditional on on the situation in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Israeli prisons, die said this situation came “as a surprise” to the Egyptians, with Egyptian officials reportedly stated it would be difficult to link these issues together.

The source added that the factions in Gaza also intend to “defend” Arab-Israelis met the emphasis on role they played during Operation Guardian of the walls. According to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, an Israeli delegation is allowed to visit Egypt in the next few days in to be updated on efforts met pertaining to a prisoner exchange agreement.

While Turkey’s Anadolu Agency and Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen reported: on Tuesday that progress Has been made in the conversations over a calm accord, Army Radio reported that a source in Hamas had said no significant progress Has been made.

The Commision for Prisoners and ex-prison cases warned on Sunday that the prisoner movement in Israeli prisons have decided to start “escalating” steps” in light of what it called “unprecedented Israeli attacks” on Palestinian prisoners.

On Monday, Mahmoud al-Ardah, one of the six prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison, announced that he started hunger strike in protest against “tough conditions” in prison.

Hamas expressed its appreciation for Egypt’s role in Palestinian issues and met regarding the Gaza Strip, met including efforts to unify the Palestinian leadership, reconstruction of Gaza and the issue of the Rafah Crossing, and shouted for more steps met related to trade and travel across the crossing.

In addition to Haniyeh, the delegation included Saleh al-Arouri, leader of Hamas in Gaza Yahya Sinwar and Hamas officials Khaled Mashaal, Musa Abu Marzouk and Ruhi Mushtaha.

Hamas official (de facto prime minister) Issam al-Da’alis also joined the delegation to Egypt on Sunday to discuss reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the work of Egyptian teams in Gaza, according to the Palestinian Safa news bureau.

A delegation from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement is also expect to visit Cairo in in the coming days after the memorial of the 34th anniversary of the creation of the PIJ on October 6, according to Palestinian Sawa news bureau.

According to the report, the PIJ delegation will discuss a number of important files, in which it is not indicated which topics are discussed.

The Hamas visit and the planned PIJ visit to Cairo come after a week in in which eight Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire, including three Hamas agents and three PIJ agents.

Three Palestinians were killed by IDF fire on Thursday morning, one in the West Bank, one in Jerusalem, and one next to the fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

An IDF officer and soldier were seriously injured and five Palestinians were killed by IDF forces last Sunday after armed clashes broke out out between Palestinians and Israeli security forces during a wave of arrest operations in the West Bank.

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