Hamdok Al-Burhan agreement before the “test bigger ”.. Demonstrations in Khartoum

Today, Thursday, some civilian groups are preparing to demonstrate on the streets of Khartoum and in other cities, demanding the restoration of full civilian rule in the country and renewing their rejection of the agreement signed on 21st this month (November 2021) between Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and army commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

The movement also calls for continued pressure on the new military-civil authorities, whose composition was changed a few days ago, after the military dissolved the former Sovereign Council and the government.

Today’s demonstrations come after the numerous appeals launched on social in recent days to organize a “Martyrs Day” in tribute to the victims who fell from 25 October, day in to whom the army imposed exceptional measures in the country, following a campaign of arrests that included politicians and activists, as well as Hamdok himself, before being released the next day, and placed under house arrest for weeks.

A test of the Hamdok Al-Burhan agreement

In this regard, yesterday, Wednesday, the special representative of the United Nations in Sudan, Volker Perthes, wrote on his official Twitter account in Arab: “The demonstrations on Thursday in Sudan represent another proof of the credibility of the agreement of 21 November “.

He added: “The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression must be protected. The voices of resistance committees, young people, women and political forces must be heard without bloodshed or arbitrary arrest.”

In turn Hamdok considered in an interview with the press yesterday about the marches that will start today, the “greatest test” in the face of the framework political agreement, which he signed last Sunday with the army chief.

Killing the protesters will not pass

Furthermore, he stressed that the right to demonstrate is guaranteed to the Sudanese people. He said: “We have spoken strictly with the security services so as not to interfere with the peaceful demonstrations” that will take place today in Khartoum and in other cities in the country, and I consider this a real one test and a challenge that could break the deal if there was an attack on the protesters.

He also stressed that the killing of protesters during the last period cannot go without responsibility.

Hamdok Al-Burhan agreement before the “test bigger ”.. Demonstrations in Khartoum
Previous demonstrations in Khartoum (AFP)

Meanwhile, his office announced yesterday in a statement that the Prime Minister has ordered to guarantee the demonstrations in program.

The terms of the deal and bloodshed

Interestingly, the agreement signed last Sunday provided for the release of all political detainees, the initiation of a dialogue between all political forces to establish the constitutional conference, as well as the overturning of the army commander’s decision to lift the Prime Minister. It also stipulated the swift completion of all transitional government institutions.

Its arrangements also included work to build a unified national army, as well as the restructuring of the committee to dismantle the Bashir regime and overhaul its performance.

However, the signing of this agreement has sparked several criticisms from the Hamdok political incubator, who are several groups affiliated with the forces of freedom and change, noting that the divisions of quest’last have appeared clear in the last period.

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