Hamdok suspends the appointments. Sovereignty appoints head of the judiciary

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has ordered the immediate suspension of the dismissal and appointment decisions issued in the last period, noting on Wednesday that all recently announced appointments will be reviewed.

A statement released by the Prime Minister’s Information Office said Hamdok has issued a directive to immediately suspend exemptions and civil service appointments in all government units at the national and state level, until further notice, and also provided that appointments and exemptions occurring during the last period be subject to studio, evaluation and review.

These developments have comein one moment in referred to the Sovereignty Council in Sudan announced the appointment of Abdel Aziz Fath al-Rahman as head of the judiciary.

test procedures

Interestingly, the army commander, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, was dissolving all state institutions and in the following weeks announced the dismissal of directors of media governments, corporations, public banks and many officials in various states.

In addition, a senior official holding the post of de facto foreign minister was relieved of the post of ambassador, as 12 out of 17 ministers resigned on Monday.

The terms of the deal and bloodshed

Hamdok instead signed, last Sunday, an agreement that brings him back to his place about a month after the start of the events in Sudan, which brought him under house arrest.

The agreement with Al-Burhan included the release of all political detainees, the initiation of a dialogue between all political forces to establish the constitutional conference, as well as the cancellation of the army commander’s decision to sack the prime minister. It also stipulated the swift completion of all transitional government institutions.

Its arrangements also included work to build a unified national army, as well as the restructuring of the committee to dismantle the Bashir regime and overhaul its performance.

However, the signing of this agreement has sparked several criticisms from the Hamdok political incubator, who are several groups affiliated with the forces of freedom and change, noting that the divisions of quest’last have appeared clear in the last period.

25 October procedures

Interestingly, the army chief announced on October 25 (2021) the dissolution of the government and the Transitional Council and the imposition of a state of emergency in the country, until the formation of a new government, which was committed to the time to consist of civilians and qualified personnel.

The military also launched an arrest campaign involving numerous politicians and government officials, as well as coordinating leaders and civilian parties.

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