Hamdouk: The Renaissance Dam poses real risks if we do not reach a binding agreement

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has many benefits for Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia, but carries real risks if a binding legal agreement is not reached on how to fill and operate it.

Hamdok explained in a live interview that was broadcast on state television from the city of Al-Obeid on Wednesday evening in Nordkordofan broadcast that Sudan has worked with all parties to reach an agreement It avoids the risk of Sudan being more exposed than Egypt due to the dam’s proximity to the Sudanese border.

Hamdok said what worried the Renaissance Dam project was its launch in die Complexity of Ethiopian Domestic Policy.

The Congo round of negotiations ended Without reaching an agreement over three days.

Khartoum and Cairo are sticking to the failure of the second filling of the dam lake before a binding legal agreement is reached, and in return an Ethiopian rejection, an emphasis on compliance with the fill dates and a rejection of a four-part mediation.

The last round of the Kinshasa negotiations has stalled die crisis in overturned a dead end.

Hence, the dispute between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam continues, suggesting that with the current data, this crisis may not lead to a solution soon.

The hope was in the Kinshasa round after they die Had resumed negotiations, in hoping to break the deadlock and make progress. However, this did not happen according to the statements of the three countries.

The renaissance dam acts became more tense, and Ethiopia announced the start of the second phase of the dam reservoir filling process in July, which Sudan and Egypt see as a threat to their water security and see it as a unilateral move by Addis Ababa.

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