Hamidti: We are committed to reaching a final political agreement in Sudan

The vice president of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, reiterated the commitment of the military component in the country to reach a definitive political agreement.

In a brief statement on Twitter today, Saturday, Daglo (nicknamed Hamidti) stressed that he is making every effort to accelerate steps to reach a final political agreement that establishes a civil authority that expresses the aspirations of the people and guides the transition phase. until it is free and fair elections are held.

It also renewed its commitment to the “Framework Agreement in completely and unequivocally”, describing it as a window of hope for the people in this critical moment.

Juba Conference

Furthermore, it welcomed the final declaration of the Juba Conference for the pace in Sudan and the completion of pacewhich represents an important step towards completing the five issues of the final phase of the political process. He stressed that the conference saw a broad participation of the signatories of the framework agreement and the movements of armed struggle, and of the stakeholders of the displaced, farmers, pastoralists, nomads, youth and women.

He also underlined that “it will continue its efforts to bring together all the main players who want the stability and security of the country and its transformation in a democratic civilian government, in especially the parties for the pace who did not attend the seminar”.

Interestingly, the military component, represented by the Sovereignty Council in the country, had reached a “framework agreement” in early December (2022) with the Forces for Freedom and Change, the Central Council and allied groups; In order to end the political crisis in course in the country and return to civilian government, with international and regional auspices.

However, some parties and committees refused to join this agreement, although it provided for the consolidation of the principle of justice, accountability, transitional justice mechanisms and an end to impunity. He also stressed the unification of military forces under a single doctrine and the establishment of full civilian authority without military participation in government.

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