Handcuffed and injured migrants found in Greece

The non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders announced on Tuesday that it found three migrants “handcuffed” and “four others injured” on the Greek island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea, one of the ports for the entry of migrants and refugees. in Europe.

These people who were beaten, according to their testimonies, were found Thursday by a team of Doctors Without Borders after receiving an “official report on a group of people who have recently arrived” in Lesbos and who “need help. urgent care, “the NGO said in a declaration.

“As we approached, we heard screams … When we arrived we found 22 people. They were all crying,” Teo de Piazza, the organization’s coordinator on Lesbos, said in the statement.

The official continued: “Three people were severely chained with pieces of plastic. Four were injured.”

According to the testimonies of the migrants, “the injuries were caused by the violence of a group of people who left the place before the arrival” of the workers of the organization.

The non-governmental organization said it immediately reported the incident to the police and brought the injured in hospital for further treatment.

The Greek government has not yet commented on this incident.

MSF called on the Greek authorities to “take all necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and to ensure that people receive safe reception, protection and asylum measures”.

Non-governmental organizations interested in the defense of human rights and media they accuse Greece, which has repeatedly witnessed the mistreatment of migrants and refugees and the deliberate deportation of people who come to its territory from neighboring Turkey to go to Western Europe.

The Greek government has always denied these accusations, claiming that it is obliged to guarantee “the security of its borders, which are also the borders of the European Union” in the eastern Mediterranean.

Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarakhi announced that this strict policy has led to a “significant decrease” in the number of migrants. in I arrive in Greece.

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