Hannibal Al-Majbri “fever” overwhelms Tunisia before the start of the African Nations Cup

Tunisia – Tariq Al-Qizani

Hannibal Al-Majbri, the Manchester United footballer, managed to capture the hearts of Tunisians in time record to become a source of inspiration for many young people at the age of 18. The player feeds the Tunisians’ hopes that the “Carthage Eagles” will win the second title in his record of participation in the African Nations Cup, through the next tournament in program in Cameroon, after the Tunisian team won its first title in the 2004 edition which was held on its soil. Only a few months later, Hannibal was born in France and a French citizen, he was included in the Tunisian national team. Last May, the Tunisian Federation managed to lure him to represent the Eagles of Carthage instead of playing for the French team. However, the young player managed to present his credentials with distinction in his first major official tournament, after appearing intermittently. in some meetings. Hannibal Al-Majbri showed excellent levels with the Tunisian national team during the 2021 Arab Cup matches that were recently played in Qatar. The tournament was a flying carpet for the player who managed to become one star unique and become the first lover of the masses in Tunisian cities. In his repeated statements, the player does not hide his happiness for his presence with the Tunisian national team and his aspiration to write history with the Carthage Eagles. “I was expecting this great love for Hannibal, because no one saw him but loved him even before he knew he was a footballer,” said Etidal Al-Majbri, a well-known figure of the media in Tunisia, who is the aunt of the player. Etidal added: “There is talent and there is behavior, but my feeling from his young age is that his sincerity will be reflected in his performance and will reach people’s hearts. Hannibal is generous in his feelings, tender and honest. , and in his personality he is a child who has not yet been contaminated. ” Tunisians are blessed with the title of Hannibal, who embodies the legendary military leader of Carthage, the creator of war tactics who became famous in the Middle Ages and became a reference in contemporary military academies. In many post of fans on the sites of social network, the player appears in composite images, carrying the shield of Hannibal, leading a military battalion leading a herd of elephants, in reference to the military leader’s epic march on his way to conquer Rome through the Alps. Tunisian journalist and sports critic Tariq Al-Ghadiri told dpa: “In my opinion, there are two reasons why Tunisians are attached to the player The first is that it enjoys all the elements of influence on social media, in addition to its symbolic name. , in addition to his characteristic hairstyle. “Al-Ghadiri added that among the reasons there were also” his affiliation with a club of the best in the world and his having played with stars such as (Cristiano) Ronaldo, (Paul) Pogba, (Harry) Maguire and others, as well as the positive spirit “. with which he played the Arab Cup and his mastery of the arts of communication in the declarations of media. . The spread of the player’s signature hairstyle, similar to that of former Colombian soccer star Carlos Valderrama, among children, in one moment in where popular hopes are growing for the birth of a great star in Tunisia. These hopes have reinforced the selection of the forced Africa Foot as the best emerging talent in Africa in 2021. Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick praised the player’s qualities and said he was looking forward to seeing him regularly with the first team after the African Nations Cup. Tariq Diab, Tunisian football legend and analyst for Qatar’s “BN Sports” channels, said in statements on Tunisian radio “Diwan FM”: “Al-Majbri is believed to have played a key role (in the Arab Cup). He has been tested in the center of the attack and in the left arch and as a liaison player he is excellent in passing, he looks and passes quickly and his passages are correct but he is not yet number 10 “. Tariq Diab added: “It’s the number eight with distinction. Maybe in future, if Manchester United lend it to another team to participate more in games, it will have a great addition to the national team. “The African Nations Cup, which will take the via in Cameroon next Sunday will be the second real test for Hannibal Al-Majbri after the Arab Cup, but analysts put in guard against exaggerating Hannibal’s praise and increasing pressure on him. The media, Etidal Al-Majbari, said: “This could put him under pressure, as he is first and foremost a human being and a player who wants to stand out from the bottom of his heart, but at the same time, Hannibal has always demonstrated the stability of his down to earth, and that at the same time improves pressure control “. The Tunisian team will compete in the African Championship of Group F alongside Mauritania, Mali and Gambia, and will play their first match against Mauritania on 12 January. (Dpa)

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