Happens in Turkey .. If you google this hotel, you are a terrorist!

Turkish authorities have condemned a citizen of the country on the pretext of belonging to the “Service” movement led by Fethullah Gulen, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses of being behind the failed coup attempt against his government, which took place halfway through. July 2016, but the evidence of the sentence has aroused much controversy and at the same time ridicule, especially on social.

In detail, a Turkish lawyer announced that the Turkish judiciary had sentenced his client, who did not give his name, on charges of “belonging to a terrorist group” after finding his phone in the search engine while searching to reach a famous hotel in the capital, Ankara, that hotel was a member of the “service” movement that the government classifies as a “terrorist” group, which years ago held meetings in its halls.

Lawyer Gizay Dolkadir revealed, in a tweet posted on his official Twitter account, that “the search for a hotel via Google became a conviction test, as happened with my client, who was found by a court that his search for the famous Hotel Asia Termal is the confirmation of its affiliation with a terrorist organization. ” “.

And he continued in his tweet: “Here is Turkey, where unfortunately you become a hero or a terrorist by pressing a button”.

Although the strange prove sentencing resulted in the continued detention of the Turkish lawyer’s client, the most ridiculous thing among some lawyers in the country was that the ruling Justice and Development Party had held many meetings at the same hotel whose Google search resulted in the conviction of the Turkish lawyer. Turkish citizen.

Human rights sources tell Al Arabiya.net that the party led by the Turkish president held many meetings in the famous “Asia Termal” hotel in Ankara, but this happened before the Hizmet movement was classified as a terrorist group, that is, before the latest coup attempt against the government of Erdogan.

Authorities sometimes search inmates’ phones and find nothing to condemn them, so they search their accounts on the social media and they can take a photo that one of their friends posted on Facebook, for example, as proof of their conviction

Turkish Bar Association

Another source of the Turkish Bar Association pointed out that “the Turkish judiciary has recently sentenced many detainees for illogical reasons”, which angers civilian groups and human rights institutions, which they see in most of them. sentences a sort of “political revenge”, since the accused are usually opponents of the Turkish president.

Authorities can continue to detain the accused as soon as investigators find images of people Ankara considers “terrorists” on their phones, according to the Turkish Bar Association, which told Al Arabiya.net that “the authorities sometimes search prisoners’ phones, and find nothing to condemn them, so search their accounts on social media and you could take a photo that one of their friends posted on Facebook, for example, as proof of their belief.

Ankara, which in mid-2020 passed a law to regulate the contents of social media in the country, it has tightened control over these sites since the last coup attempt against Erdogan’s government, after which thousands of people were arrested and investigations were conducted with tens of thousands of alleged coup participants.

As a result, more than 150,000 people were fired from their jobs in state departments and its civilian and military institutions alike.

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