Hard to believe we won’t hear his blissful voice again: Shekhar Suman on KK

Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) Actor and talk show host Shekhar Suman recalled meeting KK during the shoot of his late night talk show, ‘Movers & Shakers’. He also remembered him singing a mellifluous track from the 2014 movie ‘Heartless’, which had Adhyayan Suman, his son, as one of the leading characters.

He reminscised: “I had the opportunity of meeting him for the first time during the shoot of my show ‘Movers & Shakers’. He came across as a very nice, friendly and extremely talented person.”

He added: “When I was making my first film ‘Heartless’, I made sure one of the tracks was sung by him. He gave us such a beautiful song — ‘Soniye’. He also lent his voice to Adhyayan in the movie ‘Jashan’.”

Continuing his tribute to KK, Shekhar Suman said: “KK was an accomplished singer and had an illustrious career. It’s so hard to believe that he left us at the age of just 53, it’s such a young age. It’s an age to achieve and accomplish.”

He concluded by sharing the most common sentiment about KK’s passing: “It’s hard to believe that we are paying tribute to a singer who was performing enthusiastically till late last night and he is now gone. It’s hard to believe that we will never be able to hear his blissful voice again.”